Photography Bucket List

I feel like the term Bucket List is a bit overused these days but I am not sure what else to call it. Wishlist? Sounds too gifty. Capture list? Sounds to “Big Game Hunter”. So, if anyone can come up with a creative name for a Photography “Bucket” List I would love to hear it…

Here’s a few things I would like to have had the pleasure of viewing “through the lens” (hmmm, maybe I just found the name of my list). Thoughts?

The List:

– The White Cliffs of Dover
– The Grand Canyon
– Arches National Park
– Old Faithful
– A Lava Flow
– a Fly In/Out Migration of birds
– a Hot Air balloon festival
– Inis Mohr (Ireland)
– the rest of ireland
– Yosemite
-OMG…. speaking of Waterfalls (because who doesn’t want to photograph them?) FAROE ISLANDS!

I look at this list and realize it is all totally obtainable… Dream it and make it Happen right?

I recently visited the Salt Flats in Bonneville, so I can cross that one off!

Bonneville Salt Flats at Sunset

What are some of your “Through the Lens” wishes?

3 thoughts on “Photography Bucket List

    1. There’s SO many swans in my area…due to the release of one for each submariner lost on the Thresher (and many breeding pairs resulting) but I don’t think I have ever taken the time to photograph one either, OR I don’t have my camera on me… I hope you get your swan soon!

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      1. Me too! Sometimes the swan turns out to be a crane. I have a couple pictures of the crane. It will happen someday! 🙂 I almost always have a camera on me. Apparently, not on swan sighting days!

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