Montana on my Mind…

Recently I had the privilege to travel to Montana to photograph the wedding of two beautiful people who I hadn’t ever met in person before but instantly felt like I had known forever… a true blessing to be a part of their special day and the days leading up to it!

I also was fortunate to have some time to site see and travel around the Bozeman, Montana area! I instantly fell in love with the raw beauty of the area. The contrasts between the flat plains and rising sharp mountains… a photographer’s dream!

In the coming week or so I will be sharing a bunch of photos from my trip!

Here’s the first one! It is also available for sale in my Fine Art Retail Gallery online…

This was an amazing Teepee I saw on the banks of the Gallatin River near the Bride and Groom’s home… there will be a lot of photos from this area because it was FULL of inspiration!

teepee, photography, fine art, bozeman, montana, gallatin river

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