The time is coming… Lens Question!

It’s almost time… It’s almost here.


2015 is the year I approach I number in age which at one time seemed so very very far away! In honor of my birthday I set myself a goal a number of years ago, inspired by Cheryl Strayed’s book (and now movie) WILD. I will be hiking Mt. Washington in a one day trip before I turn that magical number. My fantastic husband has agreed to hike it with me! He has hiked it before but he   was just young Boy Scout then…  probably feels like a lifetime ago to him!

We’ve been there together before! We traveled the Auto Road on a motorcycle!

New Hampshire 2007

So… I am asking fellow photographers this question. What lens would you bring for this adventure… I am thinking of bringing my 24MM 2.8 and possibly my 18-135 but do I need others? Any advice is requested AND appreciated!

Hey… psssss… something new over there!!

This past weekend BelleMerci Photography (also known as ME) ventured into a new area of photography… and I think I might just be in LOVE!! Boudoir Photography! Combines portraiture and artistry!! I have never worked in a studio before so this opportunity was something completely new to me! So here I am today… ordering some constant lighting set-ups (another new love) and some backdrops!

RE-Inspired…. yes, yes I am!

I have decided at this time to make my Boudoir Portfolio accessible by PW only… just shoot me an email and I will give you the PW. If you would like to check it out and give feedback I would GREATLY appreciate it! It’s up there under PORTFOLIO…

CH-Ch-Ch- Changes…

The downside of being stuck in the house for weeks on end due to freezing temps and mounds of snow and ice… Re-evaluating life. Who else is doing this at this time of year? I find myself ordering college catalogs and researching online classes to improve my mood, awaken my brain and continue to improve my skills!

So I ask you, fellow photographers… do you think a Degree in Photography is the mark of an excellent photographer or do you think its a combination of skills and knowledge? Or just skills alone?

Feeling a bit frozen and stagnant at this time of year…. I need some changes and inspiration!

A Photographer’s Shopping List is never complete…

Being a photographer is like having a habit that you work to support yourself at… it’s an addiction!

Sigma just announced a new 24MM Art Lens! I so want!!! Just another item on the list!!!

So fellow Photographer’s… what is on your “Wish” list? What gear makes you feel like a junkie?


(Click on Photo for Link to Information)

And then… there’s THIS!

Canon 5Ds


Hello… Inspiration??? Where are you inspiration??

What do you think the equivalent to “Writer’s Block” might be for a Photographer? I am stuck, figuratively and literally… can’t go hiking, can’t spend a lot of time outside (stupid respiratory infection). I feel perhaps I am lacking in vision!

How do you as Photographers or Writers get through these slumps? Where do you find inspiration when the creativity well has run a bit dry?

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things…

I am not talking about whiskers on kittens or bright copper kettles… this is 2015!!

The CES Show was in Las Vegas recently and Pop Photo Magazine published a Gallery of some of the best new gear for 2015… This one caught my eye because it combines TWO of my favorite things in life.

To see what … CLICK HERE —-> Music and Photography~