Up to my ears in Potatoes…

OMG… in the last week I have been through 20lbs of potatoes! Picnics, picnics and MORE picnics.

Curious, what is YOUR “go-t0” dish to bring to a Pot Luck or picnic?

All of these potatoes have gone to a dish that can be found on the side of the Lipton Onion soup package. VOILA! Oven roasted potatoes… the hardest part is cutting them all up!

Send me your recipes in the comments section! I need some inspiration, summer hasn’t even begun and I am BURNT OUT on potatoes!


One Photo … Two Ways

The way a photo is edited can do a lot to change the feel, mood and general view of a photo! All part of the creative process.

I often like to look at a photo I like two different ways… whether it be a simple edit or drastic differences!!

Below I am posting an image I captured today … created with two very different feels!

Which do you prefer?

Hey… psssss… something new over there!!

This past weekend BelleMerci Photography (also known as ME) ventured into a new area of photography… and I think I might just be in LOVE!! Boudoir Photography! Combines portraiture and artistry!! I have never worked in a studio before so this opportunity was something completely new to me! So here I am today… ordering some constant lighting set-ups (another new love) and some backdrops!

RE-Inspired…. yes, yes I am!

I have decided at this time to make my Boudoir Portfolio accessible by PW only… just shoot me an email and I will give you the PW. If you would like to check it out and give feedback I would GREATLY appreciate it! It’s up there under PORTFOLIO…

CH-Ch-Ch- Changes…

The downside of being stuck in the house for weeks on end due to freezing temps and mounds of snow and ice… Re-evaluating life. Who else is doing this at this time of year? I find myself ordering college catalogs and researching online classes to improve my mood, awaken my brain and continue to improve my skills!

So I ask you, fellow photographers… do you think a Degree in Photography is the mark of an excellent photographer or do you think its a combination of skills and knowledge? Or just skills alone?

Feeling a bit frozen and stagnant at this time of year…. I need some changes and inspiration!


Hello… Inspiration??? Where are you inspiration??

What do you think the equivalent to “Writer’s Block” might be for a Photographer? I am stuck, figuratively and literally… can’t go hiking, can’t spend a lot of time outside (stupid respiratory infection). I feel perhaps I am lacking in vision!

How do you as Photographers or Writers get through these slumps? Where do you find inspiration when the creativity well has run a bit dry?

Cold Weather Photography

Being from New England I don’t mind these cold, snowy days! In fact I think they make a beautiful backdrop!! I am so hoping that there will be a few families who share my feelings here and want to have some fun winter photo sessions done!!

This is a tough time of year for a photographer who generally does “on location” photo sessions!

Fellow photographers, how do you use your slow season to your best advantage??

The Possibilities…. Help Wanted!

Every January there comes a time when artists of all genres and mediums flock to our little town for the Un-Juried Hygienic Art show. Any “anything goes” art show which you can bring whatever your heart desires and hang it on the wall. Last year I sold my photography piece which made me walk on air for days!! This year I am having a conundrum about WHICH piece to enter. Do I stick with a similar look as last year and hope this too sells? Do I show some variety and go a different direction? I am asking for opinions and help people!

So here are my 3 choices and how I would present them

Please leave in the comments below which one you LOVE best!!