The time is coming… Lens Question!

It’s almost time… It’s almost here.


2015 is the year I approach I number in age which at one time seemed so very very far away! In honor of my birthday I set myself a goal a number of years ago, inspired by Cheryl Strayed’s book (and now movie) WILD. I will be hiking Mt. Washington in a one day trip before I turn that magical number. My fantastic husband has agreed to hike it with me! He has hiked it before but he   was just young Boy Scout then…  probably feels like a lifetime ago to him!

We’ve been there together before! We traveled the Auto Road on a motorcycle!

New Hampshire 2007

So… I am asking fellow photographers this question. What lens would you bring for this adventure… I am thinking of bringing my 24MM 2.8 and possibly my 18-135 but do I need others? Any advice is requested AND appreciated!

Beneath the Rocky Exterior

Sometimes you need to look beyond the rocky exterior to see the beauty within. On a recent local hike up Lantern Hill my husband inadvertently kicked over a larger rock. I looked at it from afar and was wondering what the orange blobs on the bottom of the rock were. Upon closer inspection I discovered the beauty hiding underneath…

I think I am one lucky gal!

ladybugs, nature, lantern hill, found things

You gotta stop and appreciate the world beneath your feet… or boots in this case!

boots. the world beneath my feet, lantern hill, hiking

Today’s Photo101 Challenge was a pop of color…. Recently while driving the backroads of Vermont near our new vacation home my eye was IMMEDIATELY struck by this through the windshield! My imagination went into full gear. Who could live or work in such a visually striking place??? Obviously an artist!! Better yet, a potter and glass blower!!!

rainbow peak in vermont
Colorful and Wonderful, joyful!


Today’s Photo101 prompt was Warmth…. Fall may be a time when the air is cooler and the days are shorter, the light shortening but I feel like the warmth that shines through is evident. In the colors of the changing leaves, the sunrises and sunsets.

warmth, photo, photo101
Fall colors in the morning sun~