You Can Get there from here… Griswold Point

I had a fantastic last couple of weeks…

Including an amazing Mother’s Day where we got to spend a majority of the day as a family doing exactly what I had hoped we could do… Walking on a local beach at ULTRA low tide with my camera in hand! Which resulted in some shots I am very happy with and very sentimental towards!

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Beneath the Rocky Exterior

Sometimes you need to look beyond the rocky exterior to see the beauty within. On a recent local hike up Lantern Hill my husband inadvertently kicked over a larger rock. I looked at it from afar and was wondering what the orange blobs on the bottom of the rock were. Upon closer inspection I discovered the beauty hiding underneath…

I think I am one lucky gal!

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You gotta stop and appreciate the world beneath your feet… or boots in this case!

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Hey… psssss… something new over there!!

This past weekend BelleMerci Photography (also known as ME) ventured into a new area of photography… and I think I might just be in LOVE!! Boudoir Photography! Combines portraiture and artistry!! I have never worked in a studio before so this opportunity was something completely new to me! So here I am today… ordering some constant lighting set-ups (another new love) and some backdrops!

RE-Inspired…. yes, yes I am!

I have decided at this time to make my Boudoir Portfolio accessible by PW only… just shoot me an email and I will give you the PW. If you would like to check it out and give feedback I would GREATLY appreciate it! It’s up there under PORTFOLIO…

Love to Keep Them Warm…

This past week here in Connecticut a couple things happened…

#1 We had not ONE but TWO major snowstorms… there’s no less than 24″ of snow in my yard!

In between those two storms I had the fantastic pleasure of photographing a beautiful couple (who I consider also friends) become Husband and Wife.

Congratulations to them both! I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

Love Note

Mr. & Mrs. Coppola

Contest… pretty please

Well… I’ve decided I need to get my art and my photography out there a bit more! First place I am starting is by entering a Wedding Photography contest with one of my all time favorite images!

So…. if you follow my Blog and my photography journey I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a minute and go over and throw some support my way by voting!

Thanks in Advance!! Here’s the link!! (Click on the photo to go to the voting site!)

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