Beyond the lens… doing good things!

Beyond being a photographer, I have several other hobbies! Obviously hiking is a huge part of my life and spending time with my family is the BIGGEST part of my life. However, every now and then I like to do something different… something dirty! Yes, I said Dirty!!

Once a year I take a couple months and begin raising funds for Ms Research! Every April I do the MuckFest for Ms event in Boston (well Ft. Devens) MA. Getting down and DIRTY for a good cause! I have raised from 2013-2015 almost $2000 personally towards this cause! I’ve gotten muddy, mucky, dusty, bruised and cold because I feel well enough to and because there are some others that can’t. Every year I meet someone running the race who is personally affected by Ms but they are there, trying their best through the pain and discomfort of cold water and hills and misery!

Tomorrow is the event… so I will don my cheesy purple unicorn t-shirt, my well worn official mud sneakers (with new liners) and duct tape my laces and off I will go!

Photos will follow! (Here’s a couple from last year- 30lbs heavier UGG then)

What do YOU do to put the good out into the universe?

Hey… psssss… something new over there!!

This past weekend BelleMerci Photography (also known as ME) ventured into a new area of photography… and I think I might just be in LOVE!! Boudoir Photography! Combines portraiture and artistry!! I have never worked in a studio before so this opportunity was something completely new to me! So here I am today… ordering some constant lighting set-ups (another new love) and some backdrops!

RE-Inspired…. yes, yes I am!

I have decided at this time to make my Boudoir Portfolio accessible by PW only… just shoot me an email and I will give you the PW. If you would like to check it out and give feedback I would GREATLY appreciate it! It’s up there under PORTFOLIO…

Contest… pretty please

Well… I’ve decided I need to get my art and my photography out there a bit more! First place I am starting is by entering a Wedding Photography contest with one of my all time favorite images!

So…. if you follow my Blog and my photography journey I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a minute and go over and throw some support my way by voting!

Thanks in Advance!! Here’s the link!! (Click on the photo to go to the voting site!)

wedding, portraits, photography,
#weddingweek2015 Entry

Snow!! Snow is coming…

I have been hoping for some snow as I have a family who wants this year’s family portrait to be in the snow!! Fingers crossed that we don’t get SLUSH here in CT…

Here is this week’s Project 52 Photo! A simple shot of our Busted Bowling Alley which I have been bowling at (and hasn’t been fixed) in the 8 years I have been bowling there. Taken and edited on my iPhone…

Project 52

Learn Something New… every day!

To get myself OUT of this lame funk I have been in I decided I am going to LEARN something new…. Thanks to the miracle of YouTube I learned how to use my External Flash as an Off Camera Flash triggered by my camera! I know, anyone who is and has been using flash for a long time might not think this is a big deal but… I have always been more of a natural light photographer so for me this is huge. One step closer to learning studio photography!  Bring on the reflector…. bring out the artsy stuff… this girl is going to PLAY!

You Might Be a Photographer IF…

Over the past couple of weeks I have taken 100’s (if not more) photos of beautiful, fun smiling families! Helped to create numerous Holiday cards to be sent near and far…

Well, I went to create my own family Holiday card, low and behold… not a single current family photo!! Hello friends and family now you know my secret as to why the DeBiasi family is wearing shorts and sunscreen in photos!

So… You might be a Photographer IF You have more photos of other families than you do your own.

Let’s hear yours… fill in the blank!

You might be a Photographer if _________________________________!

Leave yours in the comments! I look forward to reading them!