You Can Get there from here… Griswold Point

I had a fantastic last couple of weeks…

Including an amazing Mother’s Day where we got to spend a majority of the day as a family doing exactly what I had hoped we could do… Walking on a local beach at ULTRA low tide with my camera in hand! Which resulted in some shots I am very happy with and very sentimental towards!

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Beneath the Rocky Exterior

Sometimes you need to look beyond the rocky exterior to see the beauty within. On a recent local hike up Lantern Hill my husband inadvertently kicked over a larger rock. I looked at it from afar and was wondering what the orange blobs on the bottom of the rock were. Upon closer inspection I discovered the beauty hiding underneath…

I think I am one lucky gal!

ladybugs, nature, lantern hill, found things

You gotta stop and appreciate the world beneath your feet… or boots in this case!

boots. the world beneath my feet, lantern hill, hiking

The Possibilities…. Help Wanted!

Every January there comes a time when artists of all genres and mediums flock to our little town for the Un-Juried Hygienic Art show. Any “anything goes” art show which you can bring whatever your heart desires and hang it on the wall. Last year I sold my photography piece which made me walk on air for days!! This year I am having a conundrum about WHICH piece to enter. Do I stick with a similar look as last year and hope this too sells? Do I show some variety and go a different direction? I am asking for opinions and help people!

So here are my 3 choices and how I would present them

Please leave in the comments below which one you LOVE best!!