Hey… psssss… something new over there!!

This past weekend BelleMerci Photography (also known as ME) ventured into a new area of photography… and I think I might just be in LOVE!! Boudoir Photography! Combines portraiture and artistry!! I have never worked in a studio before so this opportunity was something completely new to me! So here I am today… ordering some constant lighting set-ups (another new love) and some backdrops!

RE-Inspired…. yes, yes I am!

I have decided at this time to make my Boudoir Portfolio accessible by PW only… just shoot me an email and I will give you the PW. If you would like to check it out and give feedback I would GREATLY appreciate it! It’s up there under PORTFOLIO…

Learn Something New… every day!

To get myself OUT of this lame funk I have been in I decided I am going to LEARN something new…. Thanks to the miracle of YouTube I learned how to use my External Flash as an Off Camera Flash triggered by my camera! I know, anyone who is and has been using flash for a long time might not think this is a big deal but… I have always been more of a natural light photographer so for me this is huge. One step closer to learning studio photography! ┬áBring on the reflector…. bring out the artsy stuff… this girl is going to PLAY!


Hello… Inspiration??? Where are you inspiration??

What do you think the equivalent to “Writer’s Block” might be for a Photographer? I am stuck, figuratively and literally… can’t go hiking, can’t spend a lot of time outside (stupid respiratory infection). I feel perhaps I am lacking in vision!

How do you as Photographers or Writers get through these slumps? Where do you find inspiration when the creativity well has run a bit dry?